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UAE National Development Services

In support of Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision, Ti2 provides a number of strategic career development solutions to develop UAE national employees and unleash their potential. These solutions aim to develop & empower future UAE national leaders, support growth & long term development of the individual, build employee engagement & retention and support organizational Emiratization strategies.

Assessment Centers

Certified through the British Psychological Society (BPS), Ti2 offers a range of objective assessments to help you identify high potential UAE nationals to support recruitment and career development initiatives. Assessments provide valuable information when identifying the most appropriate, talented and capable individuals to be placed into critical roles based on expected competencies.

Ti2 provides a range of assessment activities including ability tests, personality assessments, role based activities, group observations and team profiling.

Career Development Plan (CDP) Design

Ti2 has qualified training specialists have developed a unique process to design individual CDPs that aim to support the candidate's development to ensure they are proficient in their current role to meet their expected competencies.

In addition the CDP aims to support the organizations workforce strategy and succession planning by identifying development areas to prepare the individual for future roles within the organization as part of a integrated Talent Management Strategy

CDP Execution & Evaluation

Ti2 has experienced and qualified training specialists who can support your organization in implementing the CDPs through:

  • Program design.
  • Course development.
  • Vendor management.
  • Delivery management.
  • Progress tracking.
  • Training Effectiveness.

Additionally, we can support the evaluation of CDPs in order to measure the impact development will have on both the individual and organization.

Talent Management & Fast-Track Programs

Managing your talented resources through an integrated approach to Talent Management is an essential element for a successful organization. Ti2 has experience and qualified training specialists who can support:

  • Selection and assignment into critical roles.
  • Focused development and fast track programs.
  • Performance management.
  • Career Planning.
  • Transitioning into critical roles.
  • Succession Planning for high potential.

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